Brunette Of The Week



My Grandniece, Mac.



  1. ugh… she makes my uterus ache.

  2. Mine too, June, mine too. Those wee baby leggies! Those wee baby cheekies!

    Of course, you know, in a few weeks Husband and I will celebrate five years of sterilization, as he had his door bells disconnected shortly after our daughter was born. Good thing, too, because lately I’ve had a bit of “baby fever.”

  3. This picture should be in the dictionary next to the word “innocent”.

  4. That whole uterus aching thing is way to much information.

  5. Oh c’mon TRO, you post pictures of babies (even related ones) you have to take the consequences! For me – it’s baby feets!! I just love me some baby feets!
    See? Consequences = cute!

    Oh – and “doorbells disconnected” LOL! Never heard that one before!

  6. Aw! Adorable. And that “doorbells disconnected”- hilarious!

  7. Precious! A brunette-of-the-week I would love to cuddle. The others, not!

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