Strike That, Reverse It


Hopey-Changey turns Scary.

People I talk to are beginning to act a bit scared – even those who voted for Obama. I sense a new fear factor emerging which transcends the banking crisis. People have lost a lot of money, and foresee a business-stifling, high-taxing, low profit future which will burden generations with a bigger government we will never be able to get out from under.

The plan to phase out the mortgage, medical and charitable deductions is just one piece of a series of rule changes in the middle of the game which makes folks uneasy. It’s especially uncomfortable for those within ten years of retirement, or with tuitions in their future, who made plans based on existing expectations and stability.

How do you plan for your family when the rules are in flux? How do you invest? How do you invest for retirement? How do you plan to start a business? How do you buy a house? Why would you spend a penny on anything?

I have been talking to some liberal friends lately (yes I have a few). Very carefully, of course (with the exception of Ed who can take it), because one must talk carefully with people who are so invested in Obama. And I too have noticed a sense of fear. Or if not fear, certainly worry. Concern.  Things are not going like they expected and they simply do not know what to do. So they blame their feelings of uneasiness on Rush Limbaugh, or the GOP, or even me, because I am not supportive enough. Not hopeful enough.  Not wanting him to succeed enough.  (Or at all, actually.)

Well, hope is not going to help us. It’s not going to bring back one job. It’s not going to turn the stock market around. It’s not going to do anything except make these folks all the more disappointed when things get worse.

You want to turn things around? Write and call your Congress-critters. Tell them you do not want your taxes raised. That you do not want your charitable, medical, and mortgage interest deductions taken away. That you want small-business to thrive and create jobs and the way to do that is to lower tax rates to stimulate the economy and flood the government coffers with revenue to reduce the debt. That you do not want national health care or crazy-ass cap and trade schemes that will only raise energy prices.

Because if you do not, things are only going to get worse and your future is not going to be what you had expected.

What you had hoped.



  1. I find the liberals around me have gone strangely quiet. I feel like shaking them and yelling “why couldn’t you see BEFORE you voted?!?!??!”

  2. The One has only been in office just over one month … it will take time to turn the economy around. I have faith that Barry will get the job done. I just wish the GOP would vote the public’s proxy and not their own political one … this partisan bullshit will destroy this country if it continues.

  3. Ed,

    1. The GOP cannot stop Barry or the Dems. And at least three GOP Senators – RINOs – will probably vote with the Dems anyway, THAT IS BIPARTISANSHIP. That said, I find it amusing how liberals only believe in being bipartisan when it means doing what they say. Bipartisanship does not mean bending over for the other side and taking it up the butt, Ed.

    2, And the Republicans who DO vote against Barry’s socialist and economy-busting bills ARE voting the public’s proxy. They are voting for the almost half of the nation that did not vote for Barry and do not like what he is doing to our country. Again, it seems liberals only think you are doing your duty if you do what they say.

    3. I simply cannot see how you think that this pork laden, tax increasing, nationalized everything budget is going to help the economy. It’s been proven over and over again that lowering taxes on businesses is the way to increase revenues for the government, not to mention JOBS. What is so hard to understand about that? Hell, you were a business major for heaven’s sake. How can you not know that?

    4. You are right, he has only been in power about six weeks,. And look at the damage he has caused already. God only knows how bad it will be when he passes this budget – AGAIN something he can do without any GOP help.

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