Vodpod videos no longer available.

I like this video and I am going to use it on certain posts from now on. I found it over at this ongoing post about The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time. They have an excellent selection so far, with me only liking a couple that these guys consider total fail.

Elizabethtown and The Adventures of Pluto Nash are two I enjoy. The former because it is quirky and quirky love stories are the only love stories that men are able to watch for longer than five minutes.   It also has that comedic genius Alec Baldwin in it.  Any movie is made better if Alec Baldwin is playing comedy. And the latter because it is so very bad it is good.   I mean, come on, Pluto Nash has Randy Quaid as a robot.  Who could possibly not like seeing Randy Quaid play a robot?  And a horny one at that.

I also like Hudson Hawk, a wildly acknowledged crappy movie, but which I enjoy mostly because David Caruso has no lines and Bruce Willis actually elbows him in the face in one scene.   Zardoz also falls into the “it’s so bad, it’s good” category.  It’s like poking your tongue into a canker sore.  You know it’s going to hurt, but you can’t stop yourself.  But, come on, James Bond with a pony tail and dressed in a cute little red thong-bra thing?   It doesn’t get any better.

And Alexander? Who knew Oliver Stone made comedies. And burlesque comedies to boot. Best watched while drunk and smoking dried portabella mushrooms I have found.

So check out the list and let me know which, if any, of the movies you actually like. Inquiring minds (well, my mind) want to know.



  1. Wost movie eva… Blues Brothers 2000. It was a crying shame. You cannot do a sequal to Blues Brothers, just like you could never do a sequal to Animal House.

    Also, I love Nat. Lam. Christmas Vacation, Vacation, European Vacation… but I just couldn’t do Vegas Vacation. It had some great moments, but Christmas Vacation, Vacation and European Vacation are hard to beat–

    So there ya have it.

    I also checked out the list on the web site and I diagree with The Family Stone and Smart People… both painful to watch, but not because they were bad movies. The dysfunction that comes from the storylines was palatable… and I love the family dynamics in The Family Stone. I also loved Uncle Chuck in Smart People, he was so screwed up that you just had to watch him.

  2. I’m not sure Blues Brothers 2000 counts because it was so bad as to not even be a real movie.

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