1.  Stars to wear white ribbons in support of gay marriage at Oscars. Two questions. What if someone is wearing a white dress, and the standard “If a egotistical movie star wears a ribbon to an awards show that no one is watching, does a bear shit in the woods?

2. So Barry is going to bail out people with mortgages. Only it won’t be people like you and me – you know the ones who bought a house they could afford and actually make the payments like responsible adults – no, it will be those other people who are getting all the free stuff. On our dime.

3. Funny how war isn’t so bad anymore. Along with the tools to fight it like, The Patriot Act, FISAs, rendition, and even GITMO.

4. The day the Miracle Whip died. I remember it well. The bastards!

5. Fun beer facts. They the don’t mention beer goggles though.

6. Gotta love beaver. Maybe too much.

7. Batman versus Superman. What would really happen.



  1. I’m Nigel Tomm – thanks for humorous post.

  2. Dude, use mayonnaise.

  3. Even good mayo is a poor substitute and most brands suck. I was raised on Blue Plate Mayo and you can only buy it online now.

  4. My mother writes me and says she has always used Kraft. I think she is having memory issues.

  5. David: Nothing wrong with MY memory. You probally never looked to see what you were eating. Ask your sister she knows what I use now and have always used.

  6. I conference-called with Lanice and Kevin and they both assured me we ate Blue Plate.

  7. You are crazy! I would never eat my bananas with nasty Blue Plate only Kraft mayo.

  8. I see Mom got to you . . .

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