But As Hard As I Try, She Keeps Finding Me


Things I did for my wife on Valentine’s Day.

1. Gave her a new flat-screen TV for the kitchen. She wanted one, so no snarky “keeping her in the kitchen” comments, please.

2. Took her to see a chick flick without complaining. At my suggestion, too. And, for any men out there, it’s not bad for a chick flick. There are some funny parts and the chick in the flick had a great set of hooters.

3. Stood-by patiently and silently while she purchased makeup at one of those smelly perfume areas in a department store.  That was hard to do as I despise those areas.

4. Bought her a new set of tires for her car. (She says that is not a present, but I am counting it.)

No, we didn’t go out for a fancy dinner, but that was her choice and instead we shared a warm pretzel on a bench in the mall and “talked.”  It was  . . .  romantic  . . .  that’s the ticket.  Romantic.   And right in front of Victoria’s Secret which made it difficult not to check out the women going in and out, but which I managed to do. Now THAT was a gift.

What did you do?


1 Comment

  1. Aw, how sweet! And good boy for standing at the cosmetics counter without “hovering.” HA

    The Thriller got me some cute earrings and a gold chain, and last night we ordered in and watched Iron Man. Fun!

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