Who Says I Am Not Romantic

Okay, a lot of people actually, but to hell with them because I am. And doing some Valentine’s Day surfing made me think of the two songs I find the most romantic of all romance songs. These are them.

There are none better so there.



  1. yeesh… your Valentine’s Day posts are confusing. it is like you like Valentines’ day… no, you hate it, no you like it, no you hate it, like it, hate it, like it, hate it.

    Were you drinking when you came up with all of these?

    Anyway… Happy VD day.

  2. Hmm, when did I say I hated it? Or that I liked it? It is just there and I am posting about it.

  3. i think the most romantic song ever is the one eltton john wrote to that guy in ‘who’s the boss’ 🙂

  4. How ’bout “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney? I know my husband’s always got something up his “sleeve” when he plays that song and puts the kids to bed!…

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