Hot Dr. Pepper


This is a little late in the season for some of us, but I just found it. I wouldn’t call heating something and putting lemon in it a recipe exactly, but regardless this is a really good drink. How do I know? Because they used to serve it at football games at my high school decades ago. It’s a great cold-weather drink.

Oh, and if you want a nice adult cold-weather drink try some gluwine.

Hat-tip to Neatorama for the Dr. Pepper link.


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  1. Ha! I remember hot Dr. P. with lemon! Yep, it was good, but these days, when I want a hot drink, I usually go for hot tea with lemon and honey. That’s actually my second choice; my first choice would be real hot chocolate–not the packet stuff!

    Man, it’s been *years* since I had Dr. Pepper, hot or cold.

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