CompuServe Me Baby


I was an old CompuServe user. My User ID was 78325,94. Or was it 87465,31? Oh who the hell remembers. Those numbers were terribly confusing and just as uninteresting as most of the people using the service.

So after a couple of years I switched to AOL and discovered such delightful members as “SeXyGal25,” “HollyHooters4U,” and “ImEasyButYouAreStillGonnaHaveToBuyMeDinner.” Not that my conversations with them were about anything more prurient than the weather and politics, but at least I didn’t have to use a crib sheet to remember that 64765,99 was an easy blonde with low standards, 88754,22 was a big-boobed brunette who gave good type, and 97698,11 was a fire-hot ginger with an amazing ability to reenact Nine and 1/2 Weeks in instant message shorthand.

Life’s difficult enough without the Internet being hard, so it should be easy. Like many of the people using it.



  1. That is it! I am never coming back here again!

    And by the way… you told me you only had typing fingers for me. Who the hell are 88754,22 and 97698,11?

  2. why is the blonde always the easy one? wait… aren’t you blonde?

  3. Blonde . . . easy . . . duh

  4. Oh, and no, I am not a blonde. I am a blond.

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