Is It Just Me

Or does this guy not seem presidential at all?  Seriously, he doesn’t have 1/10th the gravitas that Bush had.  He’s not even as presidential as Bill Clinton who was more a movie star than a president.  Who does he remind me of?  Let me think a moment.

Oh yeah,  Jimmy Fricken Carter, that’s who.

God help us.



  1. I do not want my president to be “every man”. I want him to be a leader – someone I feel I can look to in times of national crisis. This man is not it, he just isn’t. The more he talks the less I want to hear and the less I think he knows. NO CONFIDENCE in him.

    Makes me more and more sad and angry that people bought the act, drank the kool-aid and loved the facade.
    The man doesn’t even respect the oval office by wearing a coat and tie.

    Just sad.

    And I don’t know about you but I sure do want to pay for frisbee golf courses and things like that all day long. Cause that’s the kind of thing that’s in that bill. Sigh-h-h.

  2. Like I said over at my blog, I’d really like to know who’s buying the posters of Obama at Walmart. Yesterday we found a 1000 piece puzzle! Who wants that kind of stuff?

  3. Not as many as you think. I read somewhere that these meetings that Obama wants – ones where citizens get together to chart a new course for America or something equally idiotic – are not drawing any crowds. They got him elected and now they are losing interest, which isn’t surprising since the only thing they really held them together was Bush hatred. Now that Bush is gone things are falling apart. And the more time that passes and the more Barrry screws up, the less they will support him.

    Good times.

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