I Won. Get Used To It.


As much as I love having these beautiful works of art at the top of my blog,  I guess I should post something so my few readers don’t think I dropped off the face of the Earth.  I haven’t.  But I am down in sunny, warm windy, cold Florida doing some training.

I don’t have anything to report though since my training is so super-secret tedius that I would have to kill you it would kill you with boredom if I told you.

I do have something fun to report and that is I won a contest at one of my favorite blogs, Three Donia. I wasn’t aware I won the prize until someone told me, and not having time to look into it I am only vaguely aware of how I won (a Super Bowl pool) and what I won (a cool video made just for me by someone who is probably talented or what’s the point).

Now if I understand correctly (which I may not because I am a moron) the video will sort of showcase the best parts of my blogging personality which I assume means Brunettes and Hooters, so it should be pretty easy since I know for a fact that are a plethora of porn movies with that title followed by an almost unending series of Roman numerals.

In other words a virtual warehouse of film to cut and paste for the best parts.   Hard work yes, but from what little I have heard of trzupr I am sure he is more than up to the job.

Anyway, I am on pins and needles waiting for the prize and my only hope is there is a PG-13 version for the blog and that I get the director’s cut for home viewing.


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  1. some guys have all the luck! Tzrupr refuses to make a video for me.

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