Obligatory Super Bowl Comment


Watched the Super Bowl last night. Not having a dog in the fight I didn’t really have much interest past seeing the commercials and Bruce Springsteen – and then only because I wanted to see how well he had held-up after all these years – but when Arizona managed that second TD I was rooting for them to win and damn if they didn’t almost do it. Great game. Best I have seen in years.

Oh and as to Bruce. Well, he rocked. But only his music. Him on stage – not so much. At the beginning my oldest son and I both laughed because we weren’t sure he was going to be able to stand back up when he did one of those “lean back on his legs” rock things at the microphone. He stayed down an awfully long time and his face was all, “Oh, oh, oh, guys help me up here, my back has gone out.” Running and gyrating and sliding on a stage if for young rockers, Bruce, stick to singing and playing your guitar. Also, I thought he was going to ruin the show when he brought out that choir and started singing about dreaming or whatever hopey-changy thing he had going there. Ugh. Fortunately he saved it with Glory Days and Steve Van Zandt.

All in all a good Super Bowl night. First one I have watched all the way through in a few years.


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  1. As you know, I was rooting for the Cards as well, seeing as how my “dawgs” were sitting at home in front of their televisions, too (a familiar place for them). But it was a good game.

    I’ve never been a Springsteen fan…not even back in the 70s. I always equated his voice with the one Muppet named Animal. Heh. And he always looks like he’s in pain when he sings. So no visual love either.

    Good to get caught up on your blog posts! As you know, I’ve been juuuust a bit under the weather lately. 🙂

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