Suddenly Patriotic Dissent Is “Treasonous”

Or so says Jon Stewart.  See where this is going  folks?  Stewart and his ilk spent eight years “patriotically dissenting” against Bush, not only hoping he would fail but doing everything in their power to make it happen (which it didn’t much to their annoyance),  but now that their guy is in power suddenly they are calling those who do the very same thing traitors.   What next, midnight visits by the Obama Youth to those who don’t bow down to The One?   It’s happened before so don’t think it can’t happen again.

Hoping Obama will fail is not un-American nor treasonous if you believe that what he is doing is going to harm America.  He is the president, not a King. Not a god. Frankly I hope he fails miserably in establishing any and all programs that will result in a weaker national defense and a socialist government.  I just hope that before he leaves he doesn’t do much damage to our precious nation or change our way of life into something unrecognizable.

How’s that for hope and change?


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  1. So true, so true – I ‘hope’ that you’re not right and he will keep the ‘change’ to himself, but that’s not likely to happen.

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