I Blame June

For my not being able to get this damn tune out of my head. Not the whole song mind you, but enough of it to drive me crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this girl . . . woman . . . whatever . . . is remotely talented. She’s not. She didn’t write the song and there is enough studio magic in it that I could have sung it and you wouldn’t know the difference. But it does what a successful pop song is supposed to do and that is hook you like a trout in Legends of the Fall, which gratefully I never saw but I heard Brad Pitt hooked a lot of women moviegoers who still gasp for air when they see him.

But like Sunglasses as Night below and a bad burrito, these kind of songs tend to stay with you for much longer than you want.

There, June, get that trash out of your head today.

Still, there are a few songs you love to subtly move your head back and forth to while listening to that radio in your head.

If every person has an internal theme song, this is mine.

Anyway, I am off to work.

La la la la la la la la . . . La la la la la la la la . . . .



  1. ahhhh, Corey Hart. You have no idea how much I loved him as a teenager… he looks like 99.9% of the boyfriends I had.

    His lips/mouth still make me sigh. It was the shape of his mouth and those cool red shoes he is wearing that sent this song into every girls heart.

    I won’t mind humming this one today-I know, how pitiful is that… at least you didn’t find Rick Astley. That would have been a good pay-back for the “If You Seek Amy” tune… you are slacking TRO.


  2. Who the hell is Rick Astley?

  3. Oh yeah, Rick Rolled. Actually I like that better than Corey Hart . . . better for parody as least.

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