From The “Well Duh” Department


We have this little tidbit about men, women, sex, and how the withholding of the last from the first is one of the biggest mistakes the middle make in their relationships – especially marriage.

I was just talking with a formerly-married guy about just how true this is, who was not only complaining himself, but also recounting another married guy’s complaints. Many women simply do not buy this, but guys are pretty miserable when they’re working hard and doing all the stuff they’re told to do to be a good husband, and yet aren’t getting sex reliably, or without begging and arguments, from their wives.

Among the sentences never spoken in human history: “Your Honor, I was compelled to have an affair. My wife was fucking me too damn much.”

I really don’t think women get how important this is to guys. Not just in the negative way, in that a lack of sex leads to all sorts of bad attitudes and bad behavior by men. But in a positive way — it really doesn’t take an awful lot to wrap a guy around your finger. The word “pussy-whipped” wasn’t invented out of thin air. It describes a real condition. A guy getting laid a lot is noticeably, even oddly, agreeable when it comes to his partner.

And, just so women know: for most guys, I am guessing that the women they remember the most — the ones that stick in their minds, the ones they never quite get over — are the ones that were the most aggressive and accessible sexually. Want to make an impression on a guy that will last forever? It doesn’t have anything to do with haircuts or fashionable purses.

Men are simple creatures. Protoplasms. It is a strange irony that a woman can pretty much get whatever she wants from a guy with no arguments and no disagreements —- nothing but “Absolutely, dear” and “Whatever you want, honey” — by doing just one thing (but doing it two or three or sometimes four times a week).

Either women don’t quite get this, or are, you know, just too complicated to act upon it.

It’s baffling that women’s magazines even exist. All those wasted pages on “How to Keep Your Man.” Any article on this topic that contains more than three words (“Screw him lots”) is missing the big picture and dwelling on trivialities.

I don’t have much to add past, “Jeeeze, what part of  ‘men are happier when they have sex often’ do you women not understand?” And I suppose I could be a fool, but it just seems to me that having a happier man in your life can only make your life easier, and maybe even happier, too.

This is not brain science or rocket surgery, gals.  Or maybe it is, just listen to Dr. Helen, whose like a doctor and a woman and should know.  (I should I find the whole “hook-ups are a good thing” attitude a tad disturbing, but hey I’m old so what do I know.)


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  1. I completely agree… not sure with what, but I agree.

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