We’re All In This Together – Sorta

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A friend of mine emailed me the other day and said something about conservatives coming out to support our new president.  I disagreed and asked her to name a few (real conservatives that is), and while she has yet to get back with me, I venture to say she is confusing the failure of conservatives to conduct vicious and personal attacks on the new president with conservatives actually supporting him.

Well, this post over at Big Hollywood, while about celebrities specifically, is a pretty good explanation of what I believe she is seeing among the half of the country that did not vote for Barack Obama.

Many of the celebrities that were central to demonizing and making life impossible for President Bush for eight loathsome years NOW want to help with the heavy lifting of bringing America back together under President Barack Obama.

Witness Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s cavalcade of shiny, happy situational patriots appearing in a derivative public servitude announcement: A “Presidential Pledge” to President Barack Obama.

Forgive and forget? Right.

President Bush was not holding back Moore from “free[ing] one million people from slavery in the next five years.” Nor was he holding back the Obama-biquitous Will.I.Am from “chang[ing] how [he] live[s].” Ditto: Aaron Ekhart (”To be a better person,”) Marisa Tomei (”To integrate into my heart what I already know in my head which is that we are all in this together,”) Kutcher (”To the abolition to 21st century slavery,”) Anthony Kiedis (”To be of service to Barack Obama,”) P. Diddy (” pledge to turn the lights off, cause I used to leave the lights on but we want to conserve energy so I’ma turn the lights off, you turn the lights off,) and all-in-unison (”Because together we can, together we are, and together we will be the change that we seek.”)

Missing are pledges not to kiss the ring of Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and other pledged enemies of America. Nor are there pledges not to make movies that glorify these tyrants. Nor are there pledges to take seriously that we are at war, will continue to be at war under President Obama and that our precious and under-appreciated military is fighting an avowed and evil enemy — so that, among other things, Hollywood can continue to make decadent crap that actually motivates our enemy to fight us harder!

Unfortunately, what happens in Hollywood does not stay in Hollywood.

For more mind-numbing background read Kutcher’s companion piece at the… you got it… the Huffington Post .

The conservatives, Republicans and sundry non-lefties I know in show business have had nothing to say but positive and helpful things about the coming Obama presidency.

“We wish him well.” “He is our president now and he needs our help.”

These are the types of things I keep hearing.

And this is exactly the right attitude and exactly the right message.

God bless, President Obama. Even though I didn’t vote for him, and disagree with much of his agenda, he has my best wishes and all of my best efforts.

But that doesn’t mean I will forgive and forget an era of narcissism, petty complaining and conspiracy theory peddling from the majority celebrity class that began well before Iraq. [See “Hollywood, Interrupted ” — my book co-written with Mark Ebner — which was written before and during the build-up to the Iraq war and before the WMDs weren’t found. The public behavior from Hollywood even then was almost uniformly deplorable.]

Conspiracy theories of America’s complicity in 9/11 dominated cocktail party discussions for eight tedious years. They couldn’t simply disagree with Bush. They had to ascribe evil to his motivations and make sure the whole world agreed on that flawed premise.

Yet, hating the president doesn’t mean one can’t still help out the country in a great time of need. But many went to foreign countries and demeaned it instead. Called those that disagreed with them rubes and hicks. The elitism of the celebrities against flyover country America could not have been more pronounced. They made a boat-load of movies that affirmed this narrow and patronizing world view.

And now they want us back.

We’re all Americans — NOW.

It’s a convenient lie the celebrity left peddles that they were with us during the initial Afghanistan phase of the war, and even after 9/11.

No syrupy revisionism will change this fact.

Read the rest, but like I said I believe it sums up the attitude of conservatives about the Obama presidency. We don’t like his socialist policies. We don’t trust him.  And rest assured we will criticize him every time he does something that we think is wrong for America.  But, past some good-natured kidding, we will not make the type of despicable personal attacks on him and his family that for eight years liberals have made on President Bush.

And we will not stop loving America because Barack Obama is in charge anymore than our enemies, and even our so-called friends, will start loving America because Barack Obama is in charge.

My attitude is this.  I want our new president to succeed if that success is good for America.  That success defined by me as the following:

a) Continuing George Bush’s war on terror is pretty much the same way he was fighting it (we’ve won in Iraq so pulling the troops out is okay by me as long as it is done with some common sense).  (Obama is already showing positive signs in this regard much to the annoyance of the left.)

b) Stopping the flow of illegal aliens into our country.

c) Lowering taxes and by doing so stimulating the economy and raising revenues to pay off the debt.

d) Encouraging legal ownership of guns.

e) Appointing non-activist judges to the Supreme Court and other important courts in the country.

f ) Not nationalizing health care and other areas of our economy (which is already happening with these moronic bailouts).

If he does those things or at least works towards them then I am fine with him.  He may do other things that annoy me but so did President Bush so I can hardly complain if he isn’t perfect.

However, if he doesn’t then I intend to patriotically dissent at every turn.  As will any real conservative.  And for the record, none of those criticisms will be because he is black, something I hate having to say but which I am sure will come up again and again over the next few years.

Of course, since he will do very few of those things, well, I don’t think there will be much danger in anyone saying I am a new-found fan of the guy.  But fan or not, I can assure you I will never, ever treat him as badly as liberals treated President Bush.   And I will never, ever stop being proud of America while he is in charge.

I’m better than that.  Then again nearly all conservatives are.


Two items I forgot.

g) Not engage in, and indeed strongly oppose, the partisan political witch hunts of the Bush Administration that the Democrats are already proposing.

h) Ignore that liberal power-grab fantasy that is global warming.


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  1. Is it just me or …

    Well all of these “celebrities” always donate their TIME. HOW ABOUIT SOME OF THOSE GAZILLION DOLLARS??!!

    I didn’t see anyone pledging their $$$$$$$$!

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