Did You Ever Feel Like You Live In A File?


I do.

I have files all over the place.   Accordion files, single files, multi-pocket files.  All kinds of files.

I have a dozen or so case files placed in strategic positions around my office. Two lead files – open and closed. A file for travel vouchers. A file for time sheets. One for things to do. Another for things done. And still another for things I will never do, but have to keep around just in case someone asks about it and I have to pretend I was going to deal with it one day.

I have vehicle files, firearms files, equipment files, training files, more training files, personal files, and personnel files.

I have liaison files, computer files, evidence files, equipment maintenance files, and inventory files.

And that’s just at work.

At home I have insurance files – life, home, car, and medical. I have accounts receivable and accounts payable files. I have bank statement files, income tax files,  three different college fund files, retirement fund files,  computer files, etc., etc., etc.

You name it I’ve got a file for it.

No point.  I just felt like ranting about files.



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