Fund Raising Drive


I was thinking of autographing some of these on the inside and offering them up to my female readers who I know would enjoy my being so close to them all the time.

All proceeds over my cost going to the charity of your choice, of course.

Hat-tip to Mostly Safe For Work.

P.S. Don’t act all shocked June, you know you want one. And they have them in smaller sizes too.



  1. Be a weird look if that is on the outside too!

  2. Go for it…

  3. Eh, if I get enough orders (which you know damn well I won’t) I just might 😛

  4. interesting how our minds work the same… I posted something similar-or rather-not so similar but of the same similarities, but you are not allowed to comment on mine. It is for the ladies only.


  5. Ohhh, now I know I am scared if our minds work alike.

  6. Wonder if it feels better than a normal bra?

  7. It might feel better if the fingers massaged or something, but alas, they look pretty stationary to me. I think they’d just poke after a while.

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