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Ole Miss won the Cotton Bowl yesterday. Where was Mississippi State again? Oh yeah, nowhere but sitting in their overalls picking chicken feathers out of their teeth with straw.



  1. We are on Ole Miss QB Club bus on our way back to Oxford. What a football game! S E C!

  2. Unfortunately, AL didn’t do much to support the SEC’s win streak in the bowl games… sorry about that.

  3. South Carolina either. Florida is going to roll though.

  4. How quickly you forget that the only reason Ole Miss did not suffer another MISERABLE season under Coach Ogeron was that the Bulldogs whipped the Rebs in 2007. That game got Coach O. fired.

    Houston Nutt, who I believe is a solid fundamental football coach, replaced O. and can be credited with the turnaround at Ole Miss. Congrats to Coach Nutt and the Rebels … but you gotta give some credit to Mississippi State for getting you a new coach.

    Strangely enough, Ole Miss has already returned the favor by ridding us of Sylvester Croome who proved that he could not hack it as a head coach. Hopefully, the new coach, Dan Mullen (who by the way has a National Championship ring from his stint at Florida) can do the same at Mississippi State and take us back to the SEC championship game where we played in ’98.

    I DON’T believe Ole Miss has ever played in the SEC Championship Game since the league went to the 12 team, 2 division format.

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