It Was Raining Here Last Night


And very windy as storms blew through. Temperatures were in the mid-70s all day and even into the night as well. It felt like early summer. But now it’s cooled a bit which is the way winter is supposed to be.

We went to my other niece’s wedding last night. Another small, but very nice, wedding with good food and beautifully delicious wedding cake made by loving wife herself.

Oh, have I never mentioned that? Loving wife is quite an accomplished wedding cake maker. In fact, she makes all sorts of cakes, but wedding and anniversary cakes are her specialty.   She is good too, held back only be her lack of an adequate kitchen and the time to really do what she would like to do creatively. She literally put this cake together at the last minute – if you call ten hours work the last minute – for a wedding that just sort of popped-up over the last two weeks. It wasn’t a gigantic cake because it was a small wedding, but it was a three tier beauty and probably worth $300 easy. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture yet since she forgot to take one and her sister is going to email one to her sometime, but when I do I will try to get it posted.  She made the groom’s cake too by the way.

H/T to Theo Spark for the photo.



  1. Sounds like a better kitchen space needs to be provided for loving wife. Creative outlets are important, especially when they are potentially money making crafts.
    Warm here too yesterday, in the 60’s, with rain and lots of wind through the night. Very UN-winter like. All our snow melted and made flooding a problem for people with basements. Weird.

  2. Very winter-like here! When we were driving back from southern California, on Friday, as we approached Tucson from the northwest, we saw snow all the way down to the valley floor, on the back side of the mountain range that cuts across the northern part of the Tucson valley. NW Tucson and a couple of communities north of the city often get some snow, when we don’t, out here (“out here” being the far northeast side of town). We did get snow, last year, though, and it stuck long enough to get some pictures.

    The high yesterday supposedly made it into the mid-40’s; the temp’ on our patio skirted just south of 44. This morning was colder: The official temperature that we heard was 26 degrees, as we were driving to church.

    I suppose, in some parts of the country, those temp’s might be considered near spring-like. But please just allow us our “moment,” because this is unusually cold, for us.

  3. The moment seems to be over, at least for a while; the thermometer on the patio reads 56 degrees. It’s a heat wave! :o)

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