Lurking In The Bathroom


And you thought conservatives were obsessive about school-choice.  Check out Aimée Margolis.

In the quest to find the perfect middle school for her 10-year-old daughter, Aimée Margolis has zig-zagged across Manhattan for 11 school visits, grilled pre-teenagers at a school fair on music classes and the preferred attire at dances, and compiled a dog-eared folder full of notes.

Then there is the bathroom test.

After a 90-minute tour of the Clinton School for Writers and Artists in Chelsea, Ms. Margolis casually slipped away for what appeared to be a quick pit stop. She carefully occupied a stall, waited for a cluster of students to walk in, and listened.

“It gives you a glimpse behind the scenes,” Ms. Margolis explained of her sub rosa research. “At the tour everybody’s ready for you, everybody has a happy face. They say what they want to say, and you hear what they want you to hear.”

How do I know Ms. Margolis is a liberal? I don’t, but I would be willing to bet on it. Take a moment to read the whole article and make up your own mind.  Besides, this is New York City liberalism at its finest. A double-standard. Some get to choose, others don’t.

Now if she had been lurking in the bathroom of some Little Miss beauty pageant or the cheerleaders tryouts, then I would have considered something other than liberal. Maybe not conservative, but definitely redneck.


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  1. I think the bathroom visit is brilliant!

    However, men should not do that. Men would be assumed to be perverts for wanting to go into boys bathrooms.

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