The Amazing Hot Women Contest


June Cleaver after a Keg, in an obvious and pathetic attention-grabbing effort, is having a little contest where her gaggle of frustrated housewives, err, I mean smart female readers, send in pictures of “Swoon Worthy Men” in a cat-fight to see who will win a $50 Victoria’s Secret gift certificate for some sexy lingerie to replace their well-worn, baggy, originally white but now a little grey, granny panties.

Well, in the spirit of Christmas season I have decided to run a similar contest here.  All you have to do to enter is send me a photo of a Hot Woman. It can be a famous hot woman, a stranger, your wife and/or girlfriend (if you are secure enough), your next door neighbor, or a picture of yourself (if you are a hot gal obviously), but whoever it is, she has to be objectively hot. Hot and naked gets you extra points, but bikini pictures are fine and even a photo of her in a low-cut dress will do. Bonus points if you are actually in the photo with her. Amazingly extra bonus points if you are doing something naughty in the photo.  With her of course.

And what does the lucky winner get, you ask? Well, I’ve given it a lot of thought and I feel something personal would be more in keeping with this season of giving than the cheap corporate giveaway June is engaging in.

So the winner of my Hot Women Contest gets the following items:

A half-eaten bag of Doritos. The snack size, not the big bag.

Several doezen empty cans of Old Milwaukee that were allegedly collected from June’s trash after, well, pick a night.

A year’s subscription to Playboy that expires on December 31, 2008.

A mention and photo in The Reluctant Optimist.

My email is up above in my contact information and there is no excuse to delay. Enter now, enter often.

Fame and fortune await.



  1. TRO,

    Glad to see a manly contest on the web. This is a capital idea! I will know don my thinking cap and head over to google images ’cause I really, really like Doritos. BTW, we at are also putting together a contest to offset June’s latest seemingly successful plot to pull internet bandwidth her way.

  2. Rufus,

    Thanks, I do hope it works out well, but with my small readership I will probably just get three pictures – one of Barbara Streisand without soft lighting and makeup, a blonde tranny, and Joe Biden in drag. I guess it will be a three-way tie in that case.

  3. am i the only that thinks a picture of joe biden in drag would be endlessly and unintentionally hilarious? not just the picture itself but the resulting fallout. i’m just saying.

  4. I’m pretty sure trzupr already has a picture of Joe in drag.

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