The Troops Love Him

So that shoe-throwing Iraqi journalist can go to hell. Along with most journalists for that matter.

Here’s a video of the show-throwing incident, by the way. Bush with cat-like reflexes for a guy his age, dodges both shoes and maintains a sense of calm you have to respect considering all the nuts who would like to do him harm. And as this moron is subdued he whines like a baby worse than that “Don’t tase me bro!” idiot.

But throwing a shoe? How fricken girlie of this guy.



  1. Okay… when I first saw this, I was pissed becasue I love W, so I wanted to know where the heck were our Secret Service dudes-you would think that as soon as the reporter stood up and started to make any type of move to throw something, they would have been on him like a fly to a piece of crap–but he was able to get the second shoe off of his foot and throw it as well before he was taken down.

    Second–Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki does not even seem phased that any of it is going on. He does not duck, flinch or even blimk… Hmmmmm, very suspect, very suspect in deed.

    I guess the reporter is mad at Bush because Iraq does not have a McDonald’s on ever corner yet and everyone is wearing Levi’s.

  2. And I use the term “reporter” to the fullest extent–he has obviously learned all of his skills from the American Media.

  3. Oh… and I am stealing your video for my blog. Thanks~

  4. I am sure the “journalists’ were cleared before they came in the room – that is searched and put through metal detectors to look for weapons – so his protection detail probably had that covered. But “embarrassment” is harder to protect against than someone trying to shoot or stab you since all it takes is someone yelling or in this case throwing a shoe or two.

    Still, it seems they would have had an agent right in front of him who could have responded quickly. It’s like that time Reagan was almost assaulted on stage by a nut and it took the agent what seemed like forever to get up there and tackle him.

    Someone at the USSS is probably in trouble today and they probably should be.

  5. In Middle Eastern countries – showing the bottom of your foot/sole of your shoe – is the height of disrespect, so actually throwing shoes was quite a statement. I do not like that someone would disrespect our president like that, but honestly I could watch it again and again because of how quick Dubya reacted. I would have gotten thunked in the head for sure!! And I swear that after that first shoe – I saw a glint in his eye like “try again – you can’t hit me!” I swear he was somewhat amused.

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