Dress For Success


This is interesting. Some humorless and whiny feminists (yeah, I know that is redundant) object to a dress code that requires women to control their out of control cleavage but a very smart brunette with some cleavage experience of her own tells them to get real.

Look, I feel for the lady. Keeping the girls under wraps when you’re more large-chested can admittedly be a little bit difficult. However, it does not excuse her from having to follow the rules just because she’s pregnant, just like I’m not excluded from following a dress code where I work because I’m large-chested. Is this woman really that unprofessional that an employer asking an employee to rein in the cleavage a little makes her some kind of victim?! Good grief. And then on top of that, she snipes that she’d have cleavage even in a turtleneck. I’ve said the same thing a number of times, granted, but jokingly. It seems to me that this lady has a rather high opinion of herself. I mean, come on — there’s nothing on the planet that could possibly cover her up and make her look more professional? Really?? Or is it perhaps that she, like most feminists, is just a little whiner who wants special treatment?

Me, I don’t mind a woman showing some cleavage. Assuming she is remotely attractive that is. But while I enjoy me some visible boobies on most any occasion, I totally understand that in a professional setting, a prominently displayed rack is not conducive to good business decorum.

In other words, boobs are for pleasure and not for work (unless your in porn or prostitution, but that is another whole feminist argument altogether). (Oh, and for breast-feeding, too, but come on I can’t cover every darn contingency here so give me a break.)

The same thing goes for those low-rise jeans that women wear these days. They are great for a weekend or a night out on the town – I admit I love seeing your “target tattoo” and thong as much as the next guy (again assuming you are remotely attractive) – but at the office I really shouldn’t have to look away every time you bend over to adjust those new sandals you just bought at Shoe Carnival- you know the ones that show off that adorable candy apple red polish on your cute toes – yeah those – yummy. If for no other reason than I don’t want you to accuse me of checking your ass out every time I look, which is pretty much unavoidable. Everyone looks including other women again if for no other reason than to talk catty about you behind your butt.

And frankly I don’t see why any woman would think it was sexist to point this out and control it with a dress code. Somehow I doubt men would be allowed to dress ala Lieutenant Jim Dangle of Reno 911 on a normal business day. Sure, some gals might be cheering him on and even offering twenty bucks for a lap dance if a guy dressed this way on Halloween, but otherwise I think the majority of women would vote for a dress code of baggy pants to be enforced as a rule.


Especially if this guy was their co-worker.

Those dress codes are starting to look pretty good to you gals right about now, aren’t they?

So I say while at work cover-up. Whether it be a nice set of hooters or a hairy butt, it’s best if you save them for your off-time when you can truly enjoy all the possibilities.



  1. Why is it that every time I come on this here blog I am afraid to click on ANY of your links fearing that it will lead people to my blog?

    For the record, I would not give Dangle $20, I would give him some hair clippers.

  2. It’s ridiculous to think that women find it sexist to be asked to dress appropriately at work. If they were asked to dress in a more sexy manner, THAT would be sexist. Sheesh!

  3. I am just teasing June, I hope you know that. But I removed the link just in case and it won’t happen again. Sorry 😦

  4. I was teasing too… you can’t kid a kidder.

  5. and I must say, after all of the “I would never surrender” and “they got beat by a girl” propaganda you were spreading over at Threedonia, you sure did roll over a lot faster than they did… you rolled over in the first comment.

    I expected more… I truly did. *wink*

  6. Beautiful, I wasn’t rolling over for YOU. I was rolling over for any of your readers who might be offended by my antics. All those former wild Catholic school girls who are moms now and therefore must keep up appearances for their children.

    Despite my deeply held belief that women should be enjoyed in every way (mind AND body), I am still a Southern gentleman so I wasn’t going to make your life uncomfortable with them.

    You, I’m not so worried about. So spank you very much for the green light in this and future posts.

    “Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war!”

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