It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


I found this photo, one of several, over at Reflections from a Murky Pond where Jonolan asks the following questions.

Men, tell me if and why you’d be particularly interested in seeing a woman in Christmas themed erotic lingerie. Women, please tell me if you’d purchase and wear such things and if and why you’d be comfortable with – or interested in doing so.

The simple answer is that men like to see women in erotic lingerie no matter what the theme. But the Christmas theme has to do with presents and what better present for a man than a beautiful woman in erotic lingerie. Except perhaps for a 54″ HD Flat Screen TV for that Super Bowl party, but I digress. So I don’t really see it as a “fetish” as Jonolan suggests. Now if they guy has his gal dressing up like the Easter Bunny or a Leprechaun on St. Patty’s Day that is something else. But a gal in a Christmas outfit? Well, you get to unwrap her slowly or tear into her like Ralphie did with his Red Ryder BB Gun from A Christmas Story. Just be careful not to shoot her eye out.

And while I can’t really speak for the women I am willing to venture a guess that their answer would be, “Hell no, I would never buy and wear anything like that of my own accord, and if he bought it for me and managed to talk me into wearing it, it would only be for about one minute (until he tore it off me) and then he would never see it again.”

I hope that answers Jonalan’s Christmas puzzle and here’s wishing all us men the Christmas cheer that is available at for $32.90. With no sales tax and free shipping it really is a bargain.

And women love a bargain.



  1. Good point! I hadn’t really considered the “unwrapping a Christmas present” idea.

  2. Well, you guessed my response pretty accurately!

  3. hmmm… I must not be like most women.

  4. Well, isn’t your hubby the lucky one.

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