Because Women Love This Stuff

Romance and all that.

Me, I proposed to loving wife over a pie at the local Pizza Hut. We had been dating for about two and a half months but had been apart for a week during Christmas leave. So after I picked her up at the airport we both rushed to do the first thing lovers want to do when they have been apart for so long.

We went to eat. What did you think I was talking about? Gutter minds all of you.

Where was I?

Oh yes, we headed to Pizza Hut for a large pepperoni. Hey, I said we were hungry.

But despite my hunger I wasn’t eating very much, so she asked me if I wanted another slice and I replied, “Naww, you don’t want a fat husband, do you?” And with wide, shocked eyes, she asked, “Is that an offer?”

Now, here’s where a smart man would have laughed the whole thing off, but not me. I answered, “Yep.”

And the rest is history.

Hat-tip to Mostly Safe for Work for the video.



  1. You gave her pepperoni pizza – what girl could resist that?

  2. Now see… this is why I like you so much more than Rufus.

  3. My husband proposed to me at the back of the theater. The movie? Not a romantic one…Naked Gun. I said, “Yes,” anyway. :o)

    The best part is that he still comes to wherever I am in the house, every Dec. 16 at about 8:15 p.m., and asks me to marry him. We’ll celebrate 20 years on January 7, and we’re going to renew our vows.

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