A Six Pack Before June Gets To It . . . Because, You Know, Afterward All The Cans Would Be Crumpled On The Floor And She Would Be Laying On The Couch Burping For More

1. Funny, I thought she would be a blonde. Then again she was a virgin so what was I thinking?

2. Adult Entertainment Gallary Photographs by Tony Duran. Warning they are artsy but risque. And there are plenty of photographs of men for you women, too. Enjoy. Hat-tip to Mostly Safe for Work.

3. I want to post this but I know I will get complaints from the women so link on over if you want to. And you know you want to. I also got the video above via Theo.

4. Well, at least if loving wife leaves me it won’t be because she married me for my money.

5. Everyone should check out this Important Medical Warning over at The Wicked Pinto. I was going to post it here but my computer keeps going blurry.

6. A blogger I enjoy, June Cleaver After A Six Pack, gets some lovin’ over at one of my favorite blogs, Three Donia. I am jealous, but then again blondes always have a way of getting more than their fair share of attention, don’t they. BTW, I am still waiting for a look at the aircraft photo you mentioned, June.



  1. ThreeDonia! Yea, Rufus and Floyd, etc. Yea, Dirty Harry. And Yea June Cleaver. All good blogs. You have excellent taste.

  2. Thanks so much for the link. This is the first time I’ve seen your blog, but I like what I see. As a matter of fact, I’m going to steal that Christmas train video and post it on Threedonia in about 5 minutes! Don’t be a stranger to Threedonia (same goes for you, PattyAnn), as I won’t be a stranger here. Great stuff! (and I may even give you credit for the train video, it is Christmas, and all…)


  3. […] Some guy named TRO is trying to piggyback on threedonia’s close, personal relationship with internet sensation June Cleaver, https://reluctantoptimist.wordpress.com/2008/12/11/a-six-pack-before-june-gets-to-it/#comment-2525 […]

  4. Thank you both for the kind words. It’s especially nice coming from great bloggers like you.

  5. The men-folk are restless. Lock your doors ladies!

  6. Pfft, like a door could keep me out.

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