It’s About The Air Force



Not the babes. Seriously.

I wasn’t a flier in the Air Force. A rated officer in the official jargon. I was a non-rated officer. A ground-pounder. Of course I had the good fortune of being an operator at least, which is what AFOSI Agents are as well as some other AF specialties like Security Police and the Pararescue and Combat Control Team guys. Not that all those serving in the AF – support and ops – aren’t vital to the mission. Planes don’t take off and come back without parts from supply and maintenance from the flight line. And fliers don’t get paid without finance and personnel and they don’t survive a crisis without the life support guys and gals.

Anyway, I only mention that because while I didn’t fly – which I am very grateful for after rooming with a navigator for a year and spending my share of time in the back of C-130s and the like – I still appreciate the nice lines of the . . . aircraft. Yeah, that’s it. The aircraft.

Pics from Theo of course.



  1. my husband has a picture like that… but we keep it under lock and key. I do have a reputation to uphold.

    • But I have a Top Secret clearance. I swear anything like that would be safe with me – LOL

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