Everyone Wants A Personal Story So . . .


When I was in kindergarten I used to walk to school. I don’t remember how long the walk was or what I saw on the way, but I do remember the swooshing of my new jeans as I walked. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh they went as my short legs moved back and forth. Of course, this was before they had these nice soft jeans they sell now. Back then they were almost cardboard-like in their stiffness and it took a few washings to get them soft enough to stop the swooshing I loved so much. I think all kids loved that sound because new jeans were usually a sign of a brand new school year adventure.

The downside was that those jeans, having never been pre-washed and specially treated, shrunk about three sizes with the first wash and about a size for every three or four washes after that. So you had to buy them big at first which made you look like you were a little person or had stolen your big brother’s clothes. So it was practicality and not fashion that made our moms buy them five inches too long and turn them up at the bottom.

The only other thing I remember from kindergarten was that a couple of boys and I peeked up the skirt of our kindergarten teacher once in the playground. I vaguely remember getting in trouble for it, but trust me when I say it was well worth it.



  1. Had my first boyfriend in kindergarten. Until he walked home with me one day and wet his pants on the way. I never spoke to him again even though he always picked me in duck, duck, goose.
    His name was Bruce.

  2. Bette Jo, I had my first boyfriend inKindergarten as well, his name was Blake and I had to hold his hand on a field trip once because he was my partner and he had the dryest hands ever-they were all rough and scaly… needless to say I dumped him like a hot potato and moved on to Joey Oakley-we were together until third grade when that stupid Gina Emanuele moved into town. So long Joey. He is a manager now at a Jiffy Lube. Maybe I should thank Gina.

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