I’m Back


From the Thanksgiving wedding trip. The bride, my niece, was beautiful of course, and we had a great time visiting with our family. The only bad thing I have to report is a meal we had at a place called Duff’s in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It was some of the worst food I have had the bad luck to eat in decades. I don’t mean so-so food. I mean bad. Nothing was good, from the lunch meat that masqueraded as Thanksgiving turkey to the sweet tea that was almost undrinkable to the deserts that looked and tasted like they were purchased in the week-old pastry section of a local grocery.

I can not imagine they get any repeat business, but since this is a tourist town I guess they have a never-ending supply of suckers like us. And to add insult to injury the price was outrageous. Ten bucks for the meal and another buck and change for a drink on top of that. The food would be bad for a third that price but at least you wouldn’t leave feeling both queasy AND ripped-off.

Besides that regrettable choice though which was no-one’s fault really, the weekend was great fun and my sister did a great job of managing the herd of cats all the relatives and friends for the wedding.

Best wishes to the new bride and groom and thanks to my sister for the invitation.



  1. Welcome home, friend. And I’m glad you didn’t bring salmonella back with you!

  2. Cute cake!

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