While You Are Saying Thanks


Thank George W. Bush for keeping us safe from terrorist attacks like this horrible one in India. His recognition that terrorism was a military issue abroad and not just a law enforcement issue at home has no doubt saved thousands of American lives. Sending our own warriors to fight and defeat Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Afghanistan and, yes, Iraq, and using tools like the Patriot Act and other intelligence and homeland security efforts some people call tyranny are directly responsible for our not having another 9-11 in the past seven years.

And while you are at it say a prayer that Barry, soon to have the responsibility that Bush has had to shoulder for all these years, sees the light and understands that you cannot fight these monsters with offers of hope and change.



  1. I feel extremely bad for Dubya – going out like this, people just maligning him left and right. He did exactly what I needed him to do after September 11th, and that was to keep me, my kids, and everyone in this country safe from another domestic attack. Somehow people seem to have forgotten how horrible and shocking it was to have that kind of chaos and carnage on American soil. People can say what they want but Dubya stepped up and led this country at a time when we needed a strong commander in chief. I think he did it quite well, and maybe better than a lot of other people could have.
    This Thanksgiving, I DO appreciate the leader President Bush has been.

  2. I also appreciate the leader President Bush has been! Thanks President Bush!

  3. I think history will tell the true story of George Bush. He has done a job that few people would have had the stomach to do. I can’t even imagine how difficult some of the decisions he has been faced with were to make. I think the days to come will make us appreciate President Bush even more….

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