Ole Miss Kicked LSU’s Butt


31 to 13. Cotton Bowl anyone?



  1. I think there is one more game before they can punch their tickets to Dallas.
    It’s called the Egg Bowl … Mississippi State vrs Ole Miss.

    Now, granted Ole Miss is a MUCH better team than State this year and should win easily … strange things seem to happen in this game. Take for instance, the year State kicked what would have been the winning field goal in Jackson, Miss. The ball acutally went over and thru the goal post but was caught by a sudden gust of wind the blew the ball back some 10 yards … falling in front of the goal and snatching the victory away from State and handing it to Ole Miss much to their joy !!!

    Anything can happen. Plus it’s going to be a wet, rainy day in Oxford. But that won’t dampen Chuck’s spirits one bit … he’ll be hanging out under his newly purchased Walmart tent in the Grove … with his favorite beverage and a hot red-head.

    Go State !!!

  2. Ed,

    45 to 0 in the Egg Bowl. That is gonna leave a mark. LOL

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