No Wonder My Hormones Are So Out Of Control


I write at a Junior High level. Eh, don’t get all cocky folks, I already ran some of the blogs on my blogroll through this test of a blog’s readability and you have nothing to brag about let me tell you.



  1. Hmm–if you included mine, how ’bout an e-mail telling me how I fared?

    All through my undergraduate and graduate programs (majoring in English), I endeavored to utilize enough $75 words–as opposed to plain and simple English–to please professors, while maintaining ease of reading. Before I completed my Masters, I had become so disenchanted with “Ivory Tower” academicians whose sole aim was to write for each other that I began defying the trend. When I began teaching at our community college, a Ph.D. teacher of Composition insisted that I run one of my own essays through an analytical program of the Modern Language Association. I chose one that had been written much as I write now. The verdict: I was writing at a 10th-grade level. I was so insulted. All those years and all that money, so I could write like a high-school sophomore?

    No. I had seen how they were writing; most of them would not have been able to comprehend my writings anymore than I could comprehend theirs. Of course, they used “creative spelling” and the like.

  2. TV Reviews

  3. What on earth? What I meant to leave was the badge – mine said genius level – guess it lied and I aint one, huh? Too funny!

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