Is a talented photographer who thinks I don’t appreciate the hard work that goes into getting that perfect photograph. Well, I do and this proves it.

Take this photograph for example. First we have the black and white tonality of the photograph which makes it very interesting, especially since we have numerous shades here to take in, including the darkness of her hair, her skin tone, the stark difference between the black writing and the white poster, and finally the light grays and whites of the background. Even the white pattern on her nightgown shows how black and white can be more interesting than color.

Then we have the straight horizontal lines topped by the gray checkerboard pattern in the background that, along with boxiness of the poster, only serve to draw attention to the natural curves of her body, the fullness of her lips and her bountiful breasts. Which is what the photographer wanted, of course.

So, see, I appreciate good photography and the hard work it takes to produce it.

I also appreciate a nice set of hooters.

Hat-tip to Theo once again.



  1. You’re a funny guy. I like how I’m in the same topic group as hooters.

  2. Some things just go well together. Like RC Cola and Moon Pies.

  3. Theo is da man !!!

  4. Yeah, too bad my photo was stolen and someone else got credit… it’s not a B&W pic too…

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