The Iraq War Is Won


So says Michael Yon in a phone call to Glenn Reynolds.

“THE WAR IS OVER AND WE WON:” Michael Yon just phoned from Baghdad, and reports that things are much better than he had expected, and he had expected things to be good. “There’s nothing going on. I’m with the 10th Mountain Division, and about half of the guys I’m with haven’t fired their weapons on this tour and they’ve been here eight months. And the place we’re at, South Baghdad, used to be one of the worst places in Iraq. And now there’s nothing going on. I’ve been walking my feet off and haven’t seen anything. I’ve been asking Iraqis, ‘do you think the violence will kick up again,’ but even the Iraqi journalists are sounding optimistic now and they’re usually dour.” There’s a little bit of violence here and there, but nothing that’s a threat to the general situation. Plus, not only the Iraqi Army, but even the National Police are well thought of by the populace. Training from U.S. toops has paid off, he says, in building a rapport.

He should know because he has been there on the ground with the troops from almost the beginning. One of only a few journalists who actually got out and reported on the war instead of sitting-back in the safety of the Green Zone and making stuff up.

All because Bush did not surrender when the Democrats, including our new President-elect, Barry, whined for him to do so. They wanted another Vietnam, but he said no and with the help of General Petraeus victory was ours. Proof of this was how little the war was mentioned during the presidential campaign by Barry, but even more so by the media. Had we been losing there it would have been front and center – at least before the mortgage bailout deal – but since we were doing well it wasn’t as important any longer.

So we won the war there, but there is still a bigger war to fight – the war on terror. And since Barry seems intent on making that war a law enforcement issue instead of what a war should be which is a military issue, well, let’s just pray we don’t get our asses handed to us under his leadership.


Iraq then and now.


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