Guys Who Masturbate And Guys Who Don’t


One of the search terms that brought someone to my blog today. Two things confuse me though. One, I can’t figure out why my blog was listed and, two,  there aren’t any guys who don’t.



  1. When I was 17 there was a guy who wanted to date me – and trying to impress me with how smoooooth and cooooool and mature he was, he said “I’m at that age where guys admit that they masturbate.” Uh … WTF? I’ve never forgotten that – lol – NO I did NOT go out with him! 🙂 Just my little contribution to the subject.
    And I have no idea how some of the searches people do – bring them to my blog. It’s a mystery sometimes.

  2. i’m trying to remember that one statistic i learned in high school…

    87% of all males masturbate. the other 13% are liars

  3. My Grandpa always told me that there are two kinds of liars in this would, those that say they have never masturbated and those that say they quit.

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