Taking One For The Team Family


At Chili’s tonight, after watching the football game at my son’s college, loving wife discovered a roach in her mostly eaten salad. Much drama ensued which resulted in my being very stern with the manager and us receiving our meals free and some coupons for free meals in the future.

Loving wife seems to be doing well, but for a while there we weren’t sure if she would make it. I’ve never seen her that shade of green.

As middle son said when he found out we weren’t going to have to pay, “Thanks, Mom, you took one for the family.”

Of course, there is no way in hell we are going back to Chili’s. We gave the coupons to our middle son because he said, “Heck, I was so hungry I would have pushed the roach aside and finished the salad.”

Man, that college cafeteria food must really suck.



  1. Who won??

  2. The other team 41 to 17 I think. Or something like that. I lost interest after halftime.

  3. That is awful! Ugh!!

  4. OMG, I have been throwing up for 12 hours and just as I’m feeling slightly better, I read this. I’m not feeling so well afterall. Then I read that bs on the 401K and now I’m really not feeling well. Thanks a lot, man. You should start posting disclaimers.

  5. Sorry, Killjoy, maybe I should have your nickname too – lol

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