My Post-Election Dream (Nightmare)



Yesterday morning, while on the way to work, I called my sister and we commiserated about the election.

The Dream:

I am asleep in my parent’s house. In my old bedroom in the small ranch-style house I grew-up in, when I hear my sister screaming from the hallway. I jump out of bed and fling-open my bedroom door only to see her fighting off a man. The man is really a shadow though, with no features, no real substance, just a dark outline of mist. She is hitting him with what I think is a pillow. I try to help her, jumping between her and the man, trying to push him away, but he just keeps coming towards both of us.

Then I hear a noise from the end of the hallway where our living room is, and she yells at me, “More are coming. Get them.” I run down the hallway and into the living room where I see four or five similar figures. Faceless, mist-like, but with distinct outlines. Only these are not men. They are children. Small children who move towards me slowly with their arms stretched out before them.  Reaching for me. I push them away but they keep coming. I fall backwards over something, my mother’s old piano bench, and while on the floor my hand rests on something which I grab to slap them with. They are kids after all and I don’t really want to hurt them. But they keep coming, not at all deterred by my weak defense. Suddenly I hear them moaning something over and over again. More like chanting really. Yes, a chant. It’s very eerie. Disconcerting. And it takes me about three chants to figure out what they are saying.


Over and over again. It scares me. And I swing the thing in my hand at them faster and harder. And it’s then that I suddenly see that my weapon has color to it. The only thing in the dream that has color. Colors really. And the colors are bright. Bright red, white and blue.

The American Flag.



  1. Hold on there a second. Take the break, crack a few beers, maybe a tumbler of Scotch. But be ready from January 2009 to expose and document the incompetence of these Socialist economic incompetents. When the tough decisions of economy, health and military have to be made, their lack of skills and unsuitability for office will be writ large.
    This will prove to be a disasterous 4 years for the US economy. BUT we must regroup and retake the Democrats in the next battle.

  2. EG,

    I’m not as depressed as my writing indicates. I am still in this fight. For the long-run. I just don’t have it in me right now to be angry. I do need to rest and regroup. But don’t worry I will bounce back.

    BTW, this was an actual dream I had last night. Seriously deep, isn’t it?

  3. You are one sick puppy.
    Have a mik bone … 🙂

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