Let The Fun Begin


I’ve been thinking about this tragic loss for a whole day now and I guess I have come to grips with it. Mostly because there is nothing I can do about it, but also because, well, there is nothing I can do about it.

What is, is.

I do know that it feels like a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I don’t have to worry about it any more. Barry is going to be president, do his damage and hopefully – I hate that word now – America will survive whatever he does.

If we are lucky the worst thing he will do is raise our taxes. And I mean all our taxes, not just on the “rich.” (Unless you don’t pay taxes, which 45% of Americans don’t – you guys get a check paid for by the rest of us).

Anyway, that we can live with temporarily. They can be lowered. And they ultimately will be because revenues to the government will drop with tax hikes. They always do.

Unfortunately, things that we can’t live with are a weaker military, liberal judges, and the nationalization of major industries like health care and the rest of the banking industry. Oh, and the destruction of free speech by bringing back the Fairness Doctrine (say goodbye to talk radio) and the banning of the secret ballot in union voting. Those things are gonna sting and badly. These, too, can be undone, but it will take a long time and some of the damage may be irreversible.

The good news is that Barry has made so many promises that he cannot possibly keep that he will quickly disappoint and anger all the unicorn and marshmallow cloud-believing fools who voted him in.

Their mood change will be fun to watch indeed.

And the media. The Barry-worshiping media. For the first few months – maybe a year – they will continue to help him any way they can. Suddenly the economy will no longer be a “crisis” and what was bad under Bush will be good under Barry. No hard questions. No “revealing national secrets” front page stories at the New York Times. Almost overnight. Watch for it. So too, our foreign policy, even though Barry will not bring the troops home as soon as he promised. Circumstances change, don’t you know. And the media will back him all the way.

But after the honeymoon. Oh, after the honeymoon they will turn on him and hard. First, because controversy sells and they are no less about profit than the “greedy” oil industry, and secondly because he will disappoint them, too. And they will be pissed about it. But mostly because they have lost ALL credibility with their behavior during this election and they will desperately seek to regain some of it by trying to balance the books. Let them do it, of course, but they are fools if they think it will work. No one believes them now. No one ever will again.

Hollywood? Suddenly Hollywood will become patriotic again and movies will reflect that. The only question I have is what will all those moronic stars do with their time now that they don’t have Bush to blame for everything. Where will all that hatred go?

The same thing goes for all the Bush-haters out there. What will these people do with their lives now that they have no goal? Rabid dogs that have finally caught that car they have been chasing for eight long years. Their loss of a goal accompanied by their disappointment in Barry will be like sweet nectar to me and other conservatives. I say bring it on.

Of course there will be calls for the investigation of war crimes of Bush and Cheney and others. These Bush-haters won’t give up their ghost easily or quickly. But if the Democrats are smart they will ignore these. Certainly Barry will urge them to do so. He will have enough problems without all that nonsense. So I imagine Bush will fade into retirement and rest a while, and then in a few years, when Barry’s Administration is long gone and forgotten, he will roll-out again, a senior statesman and much beloved for his liberation of Iraq and the war on terror if nothing else. Never as well-respected as Reagan. Who will be? But certainly more so than he is now. His success and happiness in later life will be his sweetest revenge on those who worked so hard to destroy him

And what of Sarah Palin and John McCain?

Well, Sarah should go home and do a good job as governor and then get re-elected in two years. She should learn from her mistakes – few that there were – and get as much foreign policy experience as a governor can get, and then she should come back on the national scene in 2012 or 2016. Either as a presidential candidate or perhaps as the newest senator from Alaska when a seat opens up. She has so much talent and potential. Expect her to be a player for years.

And McCain. Well, this honorable man still has much to give to his country and I am sure he will give it freely and happily. The one thing he must NOT do, however, is kiss the butts of the Democrats. This reaching across the aisle crap has to stop. With only the filibuster between us and a socialist America, now isn’t the time to be weak. Republicans must stand up. They must hold the line. Remember, dissent was patriotic under the Bush Administration and it is no less patriotic now, no matter how they try to label it racist and divisive.

And they will. Be assured of that. Barry’s election was supposed to heal these racial wounds and prove once and for all that racism, if not gone, is certainly not the demon it once was, but the people in power who have built their entire careers on race-baiting will not let it go without a fight. There’s power in making people angry and dependent on you and power is what these people crave.

Conservatives, under the Republican banner, must now look at the way they have done things and make changes. They must go back to those conservative principles that Reagan championed and sell them to the people. They must convince blacks and Latinos that the opportunity for success is sweeter than dependency on government. It won’t be easy, but convince them they must or all is lost.

It’s doable. And if the country is to be saved it must be done.

Finally, as to my blog. I am going to keep blogging of course. I have to. I enjoy it too much and I have too much to say. I will just have to be very careful in how I do it. But one thing I realized is that this election has freed me a bit. I don’t have to be angry any longer and I think my few readers will notice a change in my tone. For the better. I can just have fun making fun of Barry and the Democrats. And there is so very much to make fun of. And so much more coming our way.

It is liberating in a way.

I’m even sort of looking forward to it.

Go figure.


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