I’ve Been Reading Other Blogs


And I feel a tad more cheery than I did a few hours ago. And a tad less hungover, too, which probably helps. I’m still depressed about this whole thing, but as some of the blogs I am reading have pointed out, it’s not the end of the world.

Close to it, but not quite I guess.

I mean Wyatt Earp points out some good things that will come out of this election. And he is correct. And it would really get me smiling if I didn’t think of the two or three possible Supreme Court appointments Barry is going to get to screw-up. Other things, like reinstating the Fairness Doctrine, and national health care and lots of his new giveaway programs will be tough sells and frankly maybe not even possible since he simply cannot find the money to do them without breaking the economy. Still if I were in the military now I would be worried. Barry and the Dems are going to make some horrible mistakes there (budget cuts, moronic humanitarian missions, cut and run, etc.) that are going to hurt our national defense in the short term. I mean the last two Democratic presidents were absolutely horrible Commanders in Chief and I expect Barry will follow suit.

In other words he is going to fail and fail miserably in many regards which is going to disappoint his supporters as much as it pleases people like me.

Then there is this excellent post titled Not The End Of The World which will boost your spirits a bit I think.

So what are the good sides of what just happened?

1. It is no longer possible for anyone to deny that the MSM is heavily biased. The MSM have been biased for decades but managed an illusion of fairness. That is no longer possible; the MSM have squandered their credibility during this campaign. They’ll never get that credibility back again.

2. Since the Democrats got nearly everything they hoped for in this campaign, they’ll have no excuses and will have to produce. They’ll have to reveal their true agenda — or else make clear that they don’t really have any beyond gaining power.

3. Every few decades the American people have to be reminded that peace only comes with strength. The next four years will be this generation’s lesson.

Now, a few predictions for the next four years:

1. Obama’s “hold out your hand to everyone” foreign policy is going to be a catastrophe. They’ll love it in Europe. They’re probably laughing their heads off about it in the middle east already.

2. The US hasn’t suffered a terrorist attack by al Qaeda since 9/11, but we’ll get at least one during Obama’s term.

3. We’re going to lose in Afghanistan.

4. Iran will get nuclear weapons. There will be nuclear war between Iran and Israel. (This is the only irreversibly terrible thing I see upcoming, and it’s very bad indeed.)

5. There will eventually be a press backlash against Obama which will make their treatment of Bush look mild. Partly that’s going to be because Obama is going to disappoint them just as much as all his other supporters. Partly it will be the MSM desperately trying to regain its own credibility, by trying to show that they’re not in his tank any longer. And because of that they are eventually going to do the reporting they should have done during this campaign, about Obama’s less-than-savory friends, and about voter fraud, and about illegal fund-raising, and about a lot of other things.

and 6. Obama will not be re-elected in 2012. He may even end up doing an LBJ and not even running again.

One last thing: I’m not saying I’m happy with this outcome. I would much rather have had McCain win. But this is not the end of the world, or the end of this nation. We’ve survived much worse.

And now we need to show the lefties how to lose. Our mission for the next four years is to be in opposition without becoming deranged.

Except for that whole “terrorist attack on US soil and Iran-Israel nuclear war” thing I’m feeling pretty good right now.  How about you?

As an aside, I am still going to stop the political blogging for the most part. But I think I just have to blog a bit about the election now. I owe it to myself and to my few readers to sort of see this thing through and bring some closure to it.

But still I have to move on at some point, both for the sake of my job and my sanity. The question is how to do it. Current events? I love posting about them so I will have to figure out what is political and try to be apolitical in posting about it. Does that make sense? Not really I guess.

Boobs and brunettes. Maybe bring in some blondes and gingers? Some legs and tush?

Sigh, I don’t know.

Fricken headache is back now.



  1. So…tell us how your little beagle is getting along. That’s pretty safe, right? Besides, I like doggy stories. :o)

  2. She is doing well. Turns one this weekend I believe. Just put her on adult dog food. She is a typical beagle though in that she goes absolutely crazy when anyone new comes over. We have to put her in her room – cage – while they are here. And she “nips” at everyone when she plays – not biting at all just mouthing you – and that drives us crazy. She is the best friend of our youngest son and the bond between them is wonderful. We made a good choice.

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