I’m Watching The Election Results


And drinking while I am doing it. Whether I will be a happy drunk or a sad one I have no clue, but drunk I will be.

As an aside, I am not expecting McCain to win despite my bravado in earlier posts. I am hoping he will, yes, but resigned to the possibility (probability) that he will not.

“Hope.” A word I used to love but which now makes me ill. That and “change.” Two very good words which have been ruined for me now no matter who wins this thing. Like the word “gay” which used to mean you were happy and carefree and now means you want to share the same wardrobe. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” ~ Jerry Seinfeld

Anyway, I will be drunk-blogging it here with updates as the evening progresses. If my grammar and spelling race downhill please blame it on the booze. I will also probably post lots of photos of hot brunettes as I go along to ease my pain (if there is any) or increase my joy (if there is any of that).

Stay tuned.

UPDATE 5:32pm:

By the way, I am starting to use Google Reader to surf my favorite blogs. I have added most of them but a few of you cannot be added because you don’t have a feed, whatever the hell that means. And since I desperately want to “feed” off of you do something about that, okay? If in doubt, make sure your blog allows “feeds,” which I take means places like Google Reader picks them up.

UPDATE 5:48pm:

A couple broke up because of the election. Just as well, I am sure she wanted a guy who was, you know, a real man . . . wink, wink. Pussy. Him, not her.

UPDATE 5:50pm:

Pay no attention to the exit polls. They are crap. Didn’t I tell you that before? I know I did.

UPDATE 6:00pm:


Hat-tip to Theo Spark.

UPDATE 6:30pm:

Nothing to do with the election, but the wives of British soldiers put together an pin-up calendar. I think some of the wives of our military members should do the same thing here.

UPDATE 6:37pm:

Tennessee was called for McCain a while ago. Eh, whatever else happens I did my fricken part.

UPDATE 6:41pm:

Big fools if you voted for this:


UPDATE 6:44pm:

Bigger fools if you didn’t vote for this:


UPDATE 7:01:

This is what is keeping me interested so far this evening.


UPDATE 7:13pm:

ABC and NBC are calling PA for Obama. With only exit polls. I really hate those jerks. I mean both ABC and NBC and the PA Catholics who voted for Obama.

UPDATE 7:20:

The upside of an Obama win is there won’t be any riots.

UPDATE 7:24pm:

It’s not looking good for McCain. All the exit polls are showing Obama ahead. Then again, most if not all of them showed Kerry ahead of Bush in 2004.

UPDATE 8:28pm:

Looks like an Obama win. I quit paying attention. All hail our new Democratic Overlords.

UPDATE 8:50pm:

McCain may barely be winning VA. Let’s hope.

UPDATE 9:16pm:

I am still here but not much to report. Sorry.

UPDATE 9:22pm:

I wonder what the dollar will do with an Barry win?


UPDATE 8:45pm:

Fox says Obama wins Virginia. Not good. Probably over. Life sucks.

UPDATE 10:07pm:

Barry has probably won. God help the United States of America.

UPDATE 10:29pm:

My time anyway. Fox News calls election for Barry. I guess it is over. God we are so fucked. Yeah, I will have a job tomorrow and yeah life will go on for a while but . . . taxes will be higher for everyone who pays taxes – everyone – and we will socialize more of our economy and our national security will be less secure because we will appease terrorists and Iran will probably get nukes which will mean we are screwed and we will have more people dependent on the government which is what Democrats want.



  1. Well, they had Black Panthers with nightsticks present at least one of the PA voter precincts. I’m sure they were at alot more that weren’t on camera. Can anyone say voter intimidation? Not to mention it’s safe to say they weren’t there for McCain, so no real surprise there. I dare say the Black Panthers will probably be the 1st recruited into Barry’s “Civilian Security Force”.

  2. You must be drunk if you think I should be part of a pin-up calendar.

  3. You’re not really gonna stop blogging, are you?

  4. Blogging totally? Probably not. About politics? Yes. I can’t take the chance that Barry’s people once in power will track down people who disagree with them. So I will have to find something else to blog about.

    Whatever happens I have to decide how I will blog in the future.

  5. Yes, you’re totally drunk, but thank you anyway. And I’m with you on all of this. I feel a little relieved knowing that it won’t be my fault when this country falls on its face. I am looking forward to doing the “told you so” dance.

  6. McCain was a class act all the way through.

  7. Yes, BetteJo, he was. And I admit to sobbing shamelessly.

    I told a Democrat commenter on my blog that I was going to take the high road from here on, but time will tell. I’m just going to sit back, keep my mouth shut, and wait. Then I’ll probably be doing that “told you so” dance with Killjoy. But until then….

    I need more Kleenex.

  8. Much as I wanted McCain-Palin to win, I think his/their advisers didn’t do their job properly. *Somebody* needed to be shouting about Barry’s record and associates/friends, but not McCain. President-elect Obama :o( paid for a 30-minute infommercial about his plans. McCain should have done the same, but I doubt his campaign had enough money. But he could and should have spent the last two months talking more specifically, as Obama did, about his (McCain’s) plans–for economic recovery, for securing our borders, and so on. As long as he did that, he could have done some compare/contrast between his plans and Obama’s. Instead, he just focused on Obama.

    I’ve seen that strategy fail with three candidates whom I’ve supported in the last four years: two for Congress and now McCain. The negative campaign hurts the candidate. And while I appreciate his and Sarah’s sense of humor, the comedy routines obviously didn’t help; we were looking to them for leadership, not watching them audition as a new comedy team.

    Yes, I know Obama was also negative about McCain (duh!), but he also said “I’m going to….” Sadly, he will.

    The unbelievable part is that he was clear enough on bankrupting the coal industry and raising taxes that people should have said, “Nix on you!”

    I refused to watch, listen, or read the updates, last night, but just before we went to bed, I asked my husband about the status; he didn’t have to say much. Not much to do, now, I guess, but kiss the America we knew goodbye.

  9. I realize that you love brunettes and all… but gah! Toss a blond in there once in a while will ya… because you do know that a blond by any other name is just a brunette. 🙂

  10. Interesting that you mentioned it, but I have been planning on broadening my horizons a bit. We will see 🙂

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