Election Day


Pay no attention to the exit polls during the day. They will be purposefully rigged towards the Democrats and the main stream media will report them with the enthusiasm of the Second Coming of Christ. Which is not far from what they believe.  Just go vote and encourage those friends and co-workers of yours who are McCain people to go vote as well.

Win or lose the main event we have to put in a good showing so these socialists can not claim a mandate – which they will anyway, but at least not with a straight face. We also have to insure a 40-plus GOP Senate so we can at least slow down the coming Democratic disaster.

The future of our great nation is at stake.

Oh and a note to Senator McCain. IF THINGS ARE LOOKING BAD DO NOT GIVE UP TOO SOON!! Tonight is not the time to be gracious. Fight for every damn vote. You can reach across the aisle after you are elected. Until then, fight for America.



  1. Voted! McCain/Palin FTW

  2. Well done Comrade!

  3. Voted – and felt fabulous doing it even though it won’t do a damn bit of good here in Illinois.

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