Either That Or He Is Picking That Nasty Recurring Cold Sore

Here’s a video of Barry shooting the bird at McCain. If you recall he did the same thing to Hillary during the primary campaign as evidenced by this next video.

It doesn’t mean a thing, past Barry having the temperament of an spoiled, angry toddler, but I wanted to post it so Ed can have an opportunity to say that is not what he is doing even though he knows damn well it is what he is doing.

What a low-class man he is. Barry, not Ed, just to be clear.



  1. And previously you labeled me “not serious” ?
    You call this a “serious” post ?

    Am I totally mistaken ?
    I thought you had more class !!!

    This takes your blog down to the level of mediocrity of most other whacko bloggers out there.
    C’mon TRO … please remove this ridiculous slander.

  2. Ahh, Ed, you never disappoint.

    I guess you are going with the cold-sore theory.

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