College Newspapers Favor Obama Over McCain 63 to 1

The one being the Daily Mississippian at my Alma Mater, the University of Mississippi.

I knew there was a reason I went there. We don’t graduate lemmings.

As an aside, Jonah Golberg, who brought this to my attention in this post, is taking some heat from mostly liberal readers about his mockery of college newsies.

I am simply astounded by how seriously so many — mostly angry liberal readers — take college newspaper endorsements and/or my tepid mockery of same. In fairness, one point I think has some merit is that such one-sidedness is a small sign of the trouble the GOP is in viz a viz young educated voters in the near future. But, folks, it an’t some huge cosmic omen. I’m sure Reagan did better than John McCain did among college newspapers in 1980, but I’d be surprised if he did that much better. And again, whatever his showing, it was a lagging not leading indicator.

Indeed, for every spoonful of merit to the idea that college newspapers are the future, there’s a trowel of merit to the point I was trying to make: Obama is the flavor of the moment and college newspaper editors are as prone to faddishness as college kids generally. I find it hilarious how much respect many readers have for the intellectual chops of these kids. Having been to dozens of campuses this year alone, let me tell you that college newspaper workers (I was an editor myself) are not a superior breed of student. Some are impressive. Many aint. Most are just younger versions of grown-up journalists, only more liberal, more self-important, more emotional and more resentful that people don’t care enough about what they have to say.

There are few things more annoyingly self-important than politically involved college students*, although it is a fact that the liberal kind are more self-important by a factor of, what’s the symbol for infinity again? Mostly because contrary to the media-driven belief, conservatives are much more open to other ideas and the open debate of those ideas than liberals. And, of course, this liberal self-importance is magnified by the cockiness, naivete, and self-righteousness of youth, but also because they are egged-on by their predominately liberal professors.

Although it doesn’t specifically say so, I firmly believe Liberal Indoctrination 101 is a prerequisite before Journalism 101 (and many other classes I am sure).

An anecdotal example of this is the recent dopping of World History by my middle son, now a sophomore in college. Almost half-way through the semester he calls us to tell us he is going to drop the class and when we question him as to why (he is an excellent student), he tell us his professor is not teaching World History, but “rabid feminism,” in the form of constantly bashing men and reciting feminist poems in every class. He said he was getting good grades up until he submitted a paper arguing a man’s point of view and since then his grades have dropped and he is certain he will not pass the class.

We let him drop, not because I didn’t think he could get his grades back up but because I didn’t want to submit him to that kind of crap for the rest of the semester from a Phil Donahue clone (Yes, his instructor is a guy.)

Anyway, while my son’s situation doesn’t have anything specifically to do with college newspapers and the students who run them – he is a music major – it does have something to do in general with the way our young men and women are being shaped when we send them off to college.

I am a college graduate and much like my heroine, Sarah Palin, I attended three different colleges before I graduated in five years. And during that time I do not remember being taught anything but what was supposed to be the subject of the class. History was history, geography was geography and the one Women’s Studies class I took was, indeed about women. (It wasn’t a great class, even more so because I didn’t get one date out of it.)

But now it seems all majors, save for perhaps the hard sciences, are taught by liberals who spend much of their classroom instruction trying to convert students to their various causes.

And journalism is certainly one of those majors.

So to expect many college newspapers, run and staffed by liberal students who are taught and mentored by liberal professors (and in most cases selected for the jobs), to endorse, or even talk respectfully about, any conservative candidate borders on belief in unicorns and leprechaun gold at the end of rainbows.

Now not that I am not saying these young men and women are not smart. As Mr. Goldberg says, some are impressive, and I am sure that when they graduate and get jobs in the media they will be as objective as, say anyone at the LA Times or the New York Times.

Assuming they aren’t blogging in their pajamas like me, which, what with the dire financial situation of newspapers these days, is certainly a possibility.

* I should say that I think it is wonderful if students are politically involved. It’s just their often-adopted self-importance that is annoying. Especially when it is quite often based on emotion and “fadism” (is that a word?) instead of fact and logic.



  1. The economic system is very important. I believe more so than the political system. A capitalist economic system embraces more laissez-faire and equal opportunity, whilst a socialist economic system embraces more economic interventionism and equal outcome.

    If you think about it, even in a democratic political system the elected official becomes a dictator if the economy is socialistic and centrally controlled. A good example of this would be Adolf Hitler and NAZI Germany.

  2. Excellent point.

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