Azeroth – Red Or Blue

A couple of things about this video. First, politics does get discussed quite often in game and you would be amazed at how many conservatives play this game considering most of the players are young. In other words, there’s still hope for America’s youth. Secondly, to me the higher ratings of the Obama supporters reflects their almost cult-like adoration of him instead of the more reality-based conservative opinions of McCain. The gal players in this video were giggling like schoolgirls watching the guy from High School Musical. It would be amusing if it weren’t so creepy.

As to whether Barry’s win here IG (in-game) translates into a win for him in RL (real life), well, I wouldn’t get too excited about that, because Horde players will be sleeping-in all day after playing all night and Alliance players will be trying to do as many quests and winning as many battlegrounds as possible before the Horde players wake-up.

Plus, if it’s raidin’ time, RL doesn’t exist, election or not.

Here’s a quickie version of the Southpark take on World of Warcraft. Warning, dirty language.


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