Are The Polls As Bad As The Media?

I think so. And so does Bill Quick.

I cannot, in my lifetime, recall a time when the polls were as all over the place, and as contradictory, as they have been during the campaign.

It is, frankly, impossible that they can all be accurate, or even close to it. I think what we are seeing is the apotheosis of gimmicked polls as political propaganda. Which is a real shame, because it simply removes yet another tool that could help the average observer to figure out what is actually going on. You can’t trust the “analysis,” you can’t trust the “objective, unbiased reporting,” and now you can’t even trust the “accurate measuring methods.”

A free and healthy democracy cannot function when it has no way to determine reality. We have our corrupt, degenerate, dangerous mass media to thank for this situation. The solution is simple: Destroy them. Don’t read them, buy them, or support them in any way. As somebody else said, “Let them die. I’ll dance on their graves.”

Whatever replaces our current media cannot possibly be any worse, and most likely will be better. More transparent, at least.

Agreed, agreed, agreed. It will be good to see them all die. And as to the polls. This is why I believe McCain may just win this. These polls are so obviously biased towards the Democrats that if they are wrong the only way they can be wrong is in McCain’s favor.

Does that mean he will win for sure? Of course not. Anything can happen and with all the vote fraud in the works they certainly could win this especially in a close race.

But that just means we can’t let it be close.



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