And Not A Thing About Beer And Sex In The Whole List

The top ten fantasises of woman.

# 10 – To be wealthy enough to have a beautiful home and have hired help to clean and maintain the place so I can play.

# 9 – Be a celebrity, like a movie star, have my name in lights.

# 8 – I would love to have a sensual dance partner to sweep me off my feet.

# 7 – To have a beautiful love relationship. The perfect love fantasy with a brilliant man.

# 6 – To be a virgin again.

# 5 – Vacation in deserted places: Tropical islands, snow capped mountains. With close friends only.

# 4 – Be fit, healthy, happy and to live a long fulfilling life.

# 3 – Marry a wealthy man who will take care of me and support my every desire.

# 2 – Appear on the cover of a high fashion magazine.

And the # 1 women’s fantasy is:

# 1 – Loose that extra 35 pounds and show off to my ex boyfriend my hot new sexy model’s body. Then have him crawling back to me just so I could say… Um… OK… NO!

I wonder where the whole having the guy vacuuming and washing dishes thing went to. Plus these are certainly not French women.


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