Not That This Will Sway One Voter From Voting For Barry

But if Barry is elected there is a strong possibility I will quit blogging. Yeah, yeah, I know, Ed will say I am crazy and exaggerating a “non-existent” threat, but frankly, I simply cannot take the chance of something like this happening to me. I am a government employee (low, low-level, no political appointee here, folks) after all, and Barry and his minions would be in an excellent position to find out who I am and make my life miserable. It won’t matter that I never blog from work and never blog about my specific employer and I make sure I am following federal law as regards government employees and political activity. The only thing that will matter is that I am being critical of them.

Voicing my opinion. Free speech and all that.

I mean it’s not like I don’t worry a bit now. Employers discipline employees who they discover are blogging all the time. Usually it’s because they are doing it at work, or because they are complaining about their employers or telling company secrets.

Like I said, I don’t do any of that, but still, I worry a bit about my bosses finding out because well, shit happens. So I am very careful to keep my opinions, while political, as non-specific as possible – at least when it comes to what I do.

And while I have never believed that the current administration would actively look for bloggers who disagree with them, I do fear – yes, that is the correct word – fear that Barry’s followers, once put in jobs with power and access, would have no compunction whatsoever in looking for people like me (and there are many) and putting us in our respective places.

I’m not saying it will happen. Hell, I am about as inconsequential a blogger as you can find in the blogosphere. A virtual nobody to be honest with myself. So my opinions are just part of the tremendous white noise of blogging that is easily missed and if ever noticed just as easily dismissed. But still there is a chance and it is a chance I am thinking I don’t want to take.

Now I suppose I could quit blogging about politics all together. Concentrate on boobs, brunettes, and dirty jokes. But as attractive as that is, I don’t think it will make for a very interesting blog. At least not to my gal readers who aren’t lesbians or bisexual. (Psst, if you are one of those readers please email me.)

So, come election day I will either be here or not. Blogging as always or differently or not.

We shall see.



  1. Not only would/could they find out who you are, they would probably not hesitate to track down any of your commenters who have voiced anti-Obama/Leftist sentiments.

    Inconsequential? How inconsequential can one woman be who tells a caller, over the phone, that she is not supporting Obama…only to have the Secret Service show up at her door to talk about her “death threat”?

  2. Scary stuff, I agree.

    Well, I’m not a government employee (although married to one and I don’t divulge anything about him), so if Barry O! wants to send his goon squad after me, bring it on. I will run from no man who’s ears are bigger than mine!

    To quote Mel Gibson….”Sugar tits!” No, wait….”Freedom!”

  3. Say it aint so!

    What a sad commentary.

  4. I do feel the same way you do, Groovy, but I do have a family to support so . . . the better part of valor.

    Anyway, we shall see. Maybe I am just being paranoid, but as they say, just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean people aren’t out to get you.

  5. Well, TRO, you can always blog with me and talk about…nothing. It’ll be like Seinfeld all over again!

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