Military Ballots Tossed In Virginia

Yeah, because if you are going to disenfranchise voters why not start with the military because, you know, they give their lives to secure your right to vote.

Considering that the military favors McCain 3 to 1 this obviously helps Barry. Go figure.



  1. Yes the military is 98% republican. I was told by a soldier that they all vote republican, almost all of them, so yeah it figures that Obama’s roughnecks are out there destroying.

  2. My husband, currently overseas, just got his ballot and has mailed it. Let’s hope it gets counted!

  3. That’s the most vile thing I’ve heard today. And there our men and women are, far away, where they can’t hop down to City Hall and demand another chance to vote. How can the State enforce a law that the Federal form doesn’t accommodate??

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