Was Joe Biden Talking About Bringing Back The Draft?

So say some Hillary supporters anyway.

The Obama campaign is playing down Biden’s “gaffe” by saying that international crisis is common when a new president takes office. They’re correct in saying that. The point that Biden was making was not that Obama will be tested but rather some very specific decisions that Obama was going to make that would be unpopular with Americans regarding the crisis. He’s warning that the decisions that Obama would make are going to be so unpopular that the polls will reflect a very low popularity rating for Obama. He explains that it will be a decision that people will claim not to have known that he’d make. I believe that Bidden is talking about Obama imposing the draft. Although Obama said he favors the draft at the forum, it’s never been in the MSM and the vast majority of people have no idea. A lot of his support is coming from people and groups who believe that Obama wants to keep us out of war and conscription contradicts that

I’m not sure Biden’s telling statement is evidence Barry wants to bring back the draft, but I will say that over the past eight years it has always been the Democrats (cue Charlie Rangel) who have proposed draft reinstatement. The military certainly doesn’t want it and I don’t recall any Republican asking for it.

Hey, I’m all for every citizen serving his or her country and I certainly think the military is an honorable, challenging and rewarding experience, but the draft would be a mistake. Our military is the best in the world because it is voluntary and that is a fact.

Anyway, would Barry bring back the draft? I don’t know but it is certainly something to consider when you vote. Especially if you are in or soon will be in that draft age-range. And a woman, because it’s only fair that we draft women, right?

As the father of three boys I would be more proud than you could imagine if they joined the military, but frankly I wouldn’t like it if they were drafted. Not because their service would be any less important or honorable or needed, but because they would be joining a military that would be less capable of carrying out its mission – to protect America. And on a selfish note, less capable of making sure they do their jobs as safely as possible with the best people, the best leadership, and the best equipment in the world.

That would worry me and it should worry all parents. And all Americans.


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  1. Chuck Hagel is one of the few pro-draft Republicans, but he is tipped to be Obama’s def sec.

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