The Fort Dix Dance

Because I think this is important.

Hat-tip to Theo Spark.



  1. Important in what way … that the justice department FAILED to get this guy ?

    HERE are the facts.

  2. Facts? All they did was interpret the facts the way they wanted to. Fact is Ayers supported Barry and helped his political career along. Fact is they have known each other well long after he was only eight years old. Fact is I don’t want a president who would even stay in the same room as a known terrorist much less one who owes so much to one for his political success in Chicago.

    That may not bother you . . . many things don’t bother you that bother me. Which is why you are a liberal and I am a conservative.

  3. “All they did was interpret the facts the way they wanted to”

    Factcheck is supposed to be unbiased.

  4. Supposed to be, yeah. The point is, Ed, that all factcheck has done is talk about the details of the relationship. You know – he only met him three times instead of seven or their education work was funded by some Republican and was good for the kids.

    None of which matters.

    There was a relationship. And an adult one, not some “I was only eight when he tried to kill people” thing.

    Any relationship with that terrorist is unacceptable to me. And to many Americans. Any.

    And frankly if John McCain had had one with some right-wing terrorist who is now “reformed” and doing “great things,” etc., etc. you wouldn’t hear the end of it. It would be all over the media 24/7. Liberals wouldn’t be saying McCain shouldn’t be president, they would be saying he should be impeached from his Senate seat.

  5. So what you are saying is … knowing that he would possibly run for office some day and knowing that Bill Ayers was on that Annenburg Project, he should have passed on the opportunity to serve on the Project ?

    I believe the President of the University of Illinois and several other Republicans were also on the Project. Maybe the University prez should step down … my god … he hung out with a known terrorist and may be adversely influencing the minds of students.

  6. Doesn’t matter what I would have expected of him if he wasn’t running for president.

    What matters is that since he IS running for president that sets him up to a higher standard. No, to the highest standard. Did you know that Barry would not be able to qualify for a security clearance to work at the scary NSA you are so worried about?. I could not have gotten a security clearance to do what I did in the Air Force . . . or even what I do now . . . if I had Barry’s background with Ayers. And yet he is going to be president? Give me a break.

    Rationalize his past all you want, but that is all it is . . . rationalization.

  7. I’ve given this some more thought. I think that anyone who works with Bill Ayers in any way, shape, form or fashion is not worth one bit of my respect. That includes the President of the University of Illinois and anyone . . . anyone . . who served with him and still serves with him.

    If were involved in some community or education group and Bill Ayers was invited to join I would first strongly object to his being associated with the group and, if they still allowed him to participate, I would resign. The reason is because he is an unrepentant terrorist and a hater of all that I love in America.

    I equate him with OJ Simpson. OJ brutally murdered two innocent people and got away with it because of his race and because he was a celebrity. But if he walked in a restaurant where I was dining I would get up and leave. And I certainly would never work with him on anything, no matter how good the cause.

    Ayers is no different.

    If Ayers was hired by your university, Ed, and somehow you found yourself working on some project with him would you just ignore his past? I think I know the answer.

  8. Ayers himself said “Guilty as sin, free as a bird, America is a great country.”

    .. and you can bet that not landing in jail is the only thing the man likes about the United States.

  9. Also – it’s important because Barack Obama’s associations throughout his life so far have been whoever serves his needs best at the moment. Expedient. His associations reflect on his character and his judgment, neither of which are shining too brightly in my eyes.

  10. “Also – it’s important because Barack Obama’s associations throughout his life so far have been whoever serves his needs best at the moment. Expedient. His associations reflect on his character and his judgment, neither of which are shining too brightly in my eyes.”

    Very true, BetteJo . . . he seems to collect lowlifes, use them to get what he wants, and then move on to the next level. A man of little real character.

  11. Ok … fine …

    Let’s look at George Bush’s associations prior to being elected president (well … becoming president … we all know he wasn’t actually elected since the Republicans stole Florida !!!).

    He was a coke addict for goodness sake !!!

    Do you rate drug dealers (his associations) higher than terrorists ?

  12. There is no proof that Bush ever used coke. There was an allegation but no proof. He denied it. But it seems you easily believed that because, dare I say it, you want to believe it.

    Barry, however, DID use it and discussed it in his book. I wonder who his dealer was? Are you going to vote for a cocaine user?

    Finally, they are trying five men for plotting to blow up Fort Dix right now. Muslim terrorists. If for some reason they are found not guilty will they be forgiven if they do some community organizing and maybe teach a course at some college?

    Hey, maybe Barry can invite them over and discuss Muslim relations. Sort of an ambassadors at large kind of thing.

  13. And, Ed, after all the judges had finished recounting the ballots in Florida and declared Bush the WINNER, the major news organizations went in, did their own count, and (no doubt to their severe disappointment) declared George W. Bush to have won the election in Florida. That is not news, now, but has been said in many places, many times, so please tell me your tongue was firmly planted in your cheek in comment #11!

  14. Vicki

    That Bush used coke is a belief held by the public. Whether it is true or not … the public believes it. I don’t make up this stuff I just point it out to TRO who wears blinders at times.

  15. It’s a belief held by a small part of the public. Not even all liberals believe it. But even so, I am talking facts and you are talking what you believe. There is a big difference.

  16. There sure is a lot of INFO on the web about it.

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